How to Delete the Citrix OEM Drivers from windows

First uninstall the NetScaler gateway plugin from Program and Features (Control Panel)

  1. Open Command Prompt in admin mode: Type the command as pnputil.exe –e
  1. This will list out all the driver: Like the following list: Now the next step is to locate the number for citrix OEM driver. As the name and number differs on machine to machine.

  1. One you have selected all the details from command prompt paste it to a note pad and search for citrix. Here is an example of my machine.
  1. You will notice that oem175.inf is the driver which is present for Citrix Network Adapter.

Same way locate the other Citric Drivers. If the user is also using Citrix Receiver then only make a note of the driver which is related to Citrix Network Service or Citrix Access Gateway

  1. Now in order to delete the driver use the following command: for this example I am using oem175.inf as it’s the one which is present on my machine.
  2. Pnputil –d (oemnumber).inf

Now install the Access Gateway Plugin and it should work. This method can be used to uninstall any driver packages as long as you know the inf id associated with it. Please try and let me know the feedback.

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