How to run Android on PC using VMWare

Have you ever fancied about running Android OS on your computer. If yes then this tutorial will surely help you with it. There have been a great support by the open community for Android over the year and thanks to Android-x86 community for releasing the ISO of Android which can be used by developers to run the Android OS on any system as a virtual machine. This will allow you to test or have a feel of android OS on your system.

To achieve it first you need to download the VMWare Workstation if you don’t have one from here

Note: if you willing to run in on your mac then you can download VMWare fusion.

After download competition you can procced with the installation of VMWare Workstation. After the installation is completed we can go ahead and launch the VMWare Workstation and proceed for the creation of a virtual machine running Android.

Start the virtual machine wizard. Select the radio button Custom. Click Next.

Click Next.

Browse to and select the android ISO and Click Next.

Name the machine. For this We are using the same as Android_Lollipop. You can also browse and select the directory where you want to save the Virtual Machine files. Or you can use the default location.

Select the number of processors. Since this is a test machine we are selecting 1 processor. You can also go ahead and select the values depending on your requirement.

Select the RAM for the machine. Again the requirement is totally independent.

Select the network for the machine. I chose NAT here as I need the machine to replicate the host’s IP settings.

Leave the I/O controller default. Click Next.

Leave the disk type default. Click Next.

Select the disk size as required. Here I have chosen 5 GB. You can either keep a single disk file or split them.

Leave the Disk file value default. Click Next.

And as a last step, review all the settings and Click Finish.

Now the Android ISO will load and the boot menu will appear. You can either run a LiveCD version of android or run the installation.

We are going to do the installation for the Android. During the installation if you are getting an option to install the GRUB, you can skip it and proceed with installation. Here are the steps which you will see during the setup process.

Now, let’s wait for some time for the booting process to complete.

After the installation is completed, you will be welcomed with the traditional Android Lollipop Setup wizard.

You can skip to menus as you will not be able to use them. (Since it’s a PC installation)

If you want you can configure your email if you wish to install apps or want to use google features.

Once all the configuration steps is completed you will be getting the Welcome screen for Android Lollipop.

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