Apple Music hits Android Play Store but Beta Still

The Apple’s music app finally makes a debut in the Google Play Store. Apple announced earlier that Apple Music will be available for Android starting ‘fall’ but since then not much of the news came from the company. The internet community did see some screen shots floating here and there. However, the app is still in beta stage and users have already started reporting bugs in the Play Store.

Those who are interested in the Apple Music in Android can avail the new service free for three months and then individual plans will cost $9.99 per month. However in India it will priced at Rs 120/ Month ($2/M).

The family plans are not yet available yet but going by the trend in iOS, it is expected to cost around $14.99 per month and will allow you to add up to six members on the same account. Another add on, if you have any apple devices which has the Apple Music subscription, then you can log it with the authorized id and can avail the service.

Apple Design SVP Eddy Cue said earlier on an interview with techcrunch “It’s a full native app, so it will look and feel like an Android app. The menus will look like Android, you know the little hamburger they use on the top. It’ll definitely feel very much like an Android app,”

Apple seems to be using this as a strategy to give android user the feel of an iOS app because Apple feels that many users are switching from Android to iOS and they need to experience it. Company did the same with making iTunes available for windows in the past.

“We did this with iTunes very early on when we did it for Windows. It’s really important for artists to get as broad an audience as possible, and for us it’s really important because it gives us an opportunity to interact with customers who may not have experienced any of our products before,” Cue said.

Source: TechCrunch

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