Mouse cursor scaling issue with Citrix Receiver

With Windows 10 Fall Creator Update, many users are not facing issues related to mouse cursor on their Citrix Desktop Sessions. Scaling in Citrix desktop and the applications were not even fitting on the screen with the default 150% scale. This unfortunately has the side effect of drastically shrinking the mouse cursor to almost disappear. The cursor also blinks on and off at random intervals as if it was getting lost within the frame buffers. If you try to make changes and set the scaling back to the default 150% then the receiver resolution is unusable as applications on the screen are “zoomed in too close” and cut off as stated above but the mouse cursor goes back to a normal size. Good News is that with the latest version of Citrix Receiver for Windows 4.10 and higher are now “DPI scaling aware”, and provide improved support for handling higher DPI resolution in a session.

Here are few Use Case Scenarios

  • You can now use multiple monitors with different DPI settings. Using this feature, you can scale the sessions to the monitor DPI settings or use the native session’s resolution.
  • High DPI support is available in both application and desktop session.
  • This feature also supports multi-monitor sessions. You can scale the display to the required resolution based on the monitor DPI settings.
  • Seamless applications are scaled as per the monitor DPI settings.
  • In case of multiple monitors with different DPIs, the session snaps to the most appropriate monitor when moved. This is to avoid graphical conflicts that might occur when applications are between differently scaled monitors.

Steps to follow

I have tested with Citrix Receiver and you can try following steps to make it work.

  1. Right click on Citrix Receiver notification icon and select Advanced Preferences.

  1. From the Advanced Preferences select DPI Settings

  1. Then select following

You need to log of and log back in to your citrix session for settings to take effect.

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