Citrix PowerShell Snapin for Citrix

As a Citrix Administrator, you may often be doing repetitive task on daily basis. If the answer is yes, then Citrix PowerShell (PS) snapin will surely help you automate complex and repetitive tasks in your XenApp and XenDesktop Environment. Trust me, when you start using, it will let you overcome the boundaries present in Citrix Studio. Without a further ado, let’s get started about how to load it and use it.

By default, Citrix PowerShell is installed with latest version of Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop. You can try running the following command to add it. (Always use an elevated PowerShell Console)

Add-PSSnapin Citrix.*

If Citrix PowerShell snapin it present on the system it will go to the next line without showing any error. Otherwise you may get following error message.

If you getting the error message, don’t worry and go the link here and download the Citrix PowerShell SDK. Install it like any other program on the system where you would like to run the commands.

Once the installation is completed, run the Add-PSSnapin Citrix.* command again and it will load.

In order to check the list of commands available on the Snap in, use Get-Command -Module Citrix.*

I will recommend to run Get-Command -Module Citrix.* > c:\temp\AllCitrixPSCommand.txt to save all available command type and name to a txt file for future references.

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