How to Export the XVA File of Virtual Machine from XenCenter

Exporting VM from XenServer using the XenCenter Console. The given steps applying for all type of VMs (Linux or Windows)

  1. Launch the XenCenter Console from any one the Admin Server and then click add



2. Input the IP Address of the XenServer you want to connect :


  1. In order to take the XVA file Import, The respective virtual machine needs to be powerd off. We can do the same within the OS or from XenCenter Console.


  1. Once the machine is shut down. Select the machine name on the Left and right click. The menu will look like below sceen shot. In this, we need to choose Export.


  1. Now we will be presented with a Export Wizard.


Name : we can choose as any name

Format : Format should be XVA File (*.XVA)

For the Location : We can use any shared space for storing snapshot.


Once you Press Next you will receive the next screen as Confirm which VM to export. We do not need to select any other VM. The one which we want to import will automatically be selected.

6. In the Final Screen we will be shown all the information which we have previously entered. After Verifying we can Press Finish.


7. After starting the Process we can go back to the XenServer Logs Section to check the Progress.


This Process may take hours depending on the VM size so please be patient and if any error occurs in the process, It will be displayed in the LOG Section.

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