Official method to Root OnePlus 2

OnePlus 2 has been gaining a lot of popularity in the recent days and many want to take the experience to next step for unlocking all the capabilities by rooting it. Those who are familiar with the rooting might know that it’s a tiresome task, you need to browse multiple forums and dig deep on the internet to find a trusted method to accomplish it. While some manufactures restrain from providing rooting methods to their users. OnePlus has gone a step further by releasing an official guide for the OnePlus 2 bearers. Since the method comes from the makers it can be seen as one of the most trusted method available for rooting OnePlus 2.

Now if you feel that rooting is a thing for you then there are some prerequisites which you will be needing to achieve a root access for your favorite OnePlus 2. Here are the list of apps and software you will be needing in order to root the device.

Once you have downloaded all the above necessary files you can go through the below official tutorial released from team OnePlus.

Many of the rooting fans know that performing such tempers with your device can harm your device and may lead to a void in warranty. So please be assured about what you are doing and what outcomes it can bring.


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