Offline Maps download available on Google Maps now

Keeping the promises made in this year’s Google I/O, company has now confirmed to bring Offline Navigation Possible in Google Maps. The ideology is that still great number of user do not have uninterrupted internet connection while traveling. Allowing maps download for specific areas will enhance the experience for sure.

Offline Maps How it works

This functionality was available in Google Maps before, but was limited to an extent. New feature will allow users to download counties, cities or even entire countries. Once you have downloaded, you can access it by going to Google Maps menu and then choosing Offline Access. On the other hand, the app can judge your connectivity and switch between offline and online mode. The main difference between online and offline mode is that you will not be able to get the live traffic conditions in offline mode. Another feature is that the download will only be available in Wi-Fi connection to prevent large data fee. Google’s new function will surely benefit the countries which are yet to excel the data connectivity while moving on roads.


These functions were initially revealed during the Google I/O which took place in the month of May 2015. Google will be adapting the similar strategy for the rollout,making it available gradually across various locations. This functionality is currently limited to Android and will be made available to iOS devices in coming days (no official dates yet).

So what are your thoughts about this new feature of Google Maps? Will you be using it on your day to day life? Do let us know in the comment section.

Source: Google Blog

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