Future Samsung Devices may allow veins structure for authentication

Samsung has been coming with some innovative ideas to register their presence in the digital industry. We often get glimpse of some amazing technology with their latest patent acquisitions. Adding on to the list Samsung recently acquired a patent which may allow a next generation authentication by using veins to establish an identity in Smart watches. To be precise, it will read the wearer’s veins to determine if an authorized or unauthorized person is accessing the device.

The patent details show that the device may incorporate one camera sensor and two light sources on either side, they will be mounted on the forward edge of the wearable device which will scan the back of the wearer’s hand and will capture the structure of his/her veins. When an authentication is required the device will take an image and compare the structure with the one it has on its memory. Some may say that approach is similar with the fingerprint sensor.


It is irrefutable that this kind of authentication can be used for high-level security like accessing door locks, hotel rooms, cars and vaults. It can also give an upgrade to currently popular Samsung Pay system. Without a doubt it has endless possibilities can do wonders for Samsung’s revenue. So let’s wait and watch for Samsung to bring the technology to its consumers.


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