Play Chess on Facebook Messenger

You might be surprised by the title but it’s true. Facebook allows you to play chess with your chat buddies in Messenger. In order to initiate the game you just need to open a chat windows of you friend and then type @fbchess play and that will pop up the chess game for you.

The only issue here is that Facebook has not made it touch based. So you cannot make a move by your fingers, however you can use the commands to perform the move. For example, you can use Standard Algebraic Notation @fbchess e4 or @fbchess Pe4 moves pawn to e4. For more command details you can simply put @fbchess help to get info about more commands.

The Game is available for Android, iOS and PC. It might not be a very intuitive feeling to play games on such an old fashion but yes you can show your skills and surprise your friends with great moves of chess in the Facebook Messenger. Please try it once. It’s a good one.






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