MicroSD support may come to Samsung Galaxy S7

The premier smartphones from Samsung received a great response across the globe and resulted in a profit for the Korean company which has been struggling in the past. Company even faced criticism for choosing the design compromise by eliminating the much popular SD card support.

Many online polls conducted on the internet also showed that many users did not update from Note 4 to Note 5 due to lack of memory card support, which is a deciding factor for them. However, You may go for a 128 GB variant for the latest Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5 by adding extra weight on your pocket.

Guess, Samsung is hearing the audience and can bring the much popular micro SD card support to coming Samsung Galaxy S7. The news came from an Italian Samsung blog and it’s validity is yet to verified by Samsung. Adding in a microSD slot to the side of the phone could also mean that Samsung will have to move away from its uni-body design which received mixed response from the SmartPhone community.

Reports also suggest that the device may have a 5.2 inch display, while the Galaxy S7 Edge could arrive with a 5.7 inch curved edge display.

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